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Community Agreement

Driftless Gravel Camp is here to support the community of femme, trans, women, two spirit and nonbinary riders. We want to uplift the voices of those that are decentered in cycling. We can’t achieve this vision in a hostile, disrespectful or undermining group culture.

To that end, we are expecting attendees to:

1.       To start from a place of respect.

2.       To be curious and open to learning.

3.       Not use language that is oppressive, such as shaming, sexist, transphobic, misogynist or racist.

4.       Use correct pronouns.

5.       Share with an organizer if there are issues or concerns.

6.       Give the benefit of a doubt, as we cannot always be articulate all of the time!

7.       Take Space/Make Space: If you often are quiet we encourage you to try to take up more space, and if you speak often to leave space for quieter voices.

8.       Speak from your experience.

We ask you as well to consider before attending:

1.       What do you need from every person in order to feel safe, supported, open, productive and trusting so that we all can do our best learning?

2.       What can you offer that might support someone else learning?

3.       Can the organizers provide for you support that needs to be voiced? If so, we ask you reach out.